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Fumed silica Sio2 PP masterbatch

Appearance:  White particle
Base material:  PP
Content(100%):  20(fumed silica)
Bag:  25KG

PP resin itself is a relatively tough and affordable plastic, adding fumed silica PP masterbatch 30% will make PP plastic strengthen the hardness better, instead of other plastics in the application of home appliances.
High content nano silica masterbatch, high content, silica is a white fluffy powder, porous, non-toxic, tasteless, green environmental protection, high temperature resistance, with a large specific surface area, the surface of the multi-mesoporous structure; Excellent adsorption capacity and strange physical and chemical properties, silver ions and other functional ions are uniformly designed to the mesoporous surface of silicon dioxide, and achieve stability. Suitable for PP injection molding of home appliances, can develop high quality, durable, high temperature resistance, a wide range of antibacterial nano antibacterial powder

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