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Jianuo (Guangzhou) New Materials Co., Ltd.




Jianuo (Guangzhou) New Materials Co., Ltd. is committed to the development and production of nanomaterials masterbatch, and provide customized products and services for customers. For nanometer materials in the process of using and add mixed with resin unevenly, floating dust pollution and other issues, after years of research and development, our company will be the gas phase nano silica,aerogel nanometer materials such as processed into high concentration masterbatch, because of its non-pollution, good dispersibility, easy to add, can effectively reduce the cost, become each big modified plastics products of choice for companies and home appliance manufacturers, It has broad application prospect. The developed PP substrate V0 flame retardant masterbatch has strong flame retardant performance, and also steady and sustained supply to provide production of sheet,sheet material and other customers.