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nylon Fumed Silica Masterbatch

Appearance:           White plastic particle
Base material:           PA
Content(100%):  18
Bag:                          25kg

Nylon fumed silica masterbatch is a kind of masterbatch prepared by the composition of fumed silica and nylon resin. We can customize different fumed silica masterbatches according to different substrates, such as PP fumed silica masterbatches, PE fumed silica masterbatches, ABS fumed silica masterbatches, PET fumed silica masterbatches, etc.
Fumed silica can be used as a filling material in the production of plastics, which can improve the elastic strength and wear resistance of plastics, as well as the thermal stability of hardness. Widely used in rubber products, daily chemical products, household appliances, auto parts and other fields.

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