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Silica gel SAN Masterbatch

Appearance:  White plastic particle
Base material:  SAN
Content(100%):  22
Bag:  25kg

Silica gel  SAN Masterbatch Application of  in plastics
Fumed silica  SAN Masterbatch  can be made by application in plastics Using silica high strength, high fluidity and small size effect, can improve the density of plastic products, finish and wear resistance. If through the appropriateSurface modification can strengthen and toughen plastics at the same time. The traditional method of toughening plastics is to add rubber substances to the matrix. Although the toughness of the material is greatly improved by this method, the strength and machining properties of the material are greatly reduced. The principle of gas phase white carbon black toughening plastic is inorganic rigid particle toughening, it is added to the plastic, can improve the toughness of the material without weakening the rigidity of the material, and even can improve the rigidity of the material.

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