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Silicon dioxide White carbon black ABS masterbatch

Appearance:  White particle
Base material:  ABS
Content(100%):  22(Nano white carbon black)
Bag:  25KG

ABS masterbatch is developed for the production of injection molding and modification enterprises, not only can white carbon black be used as a filling material in plastic production, but also improve the elastic strength, wear resistance and hardness of plastics, and good thermal stability. In addition, the use of white carbon black for cable can also improve the electrical insulation of the cable, such as methyl vinyl silicone rubber high-voltage wire will use fumed white carbon black or high-quality precipitated white carbon black. The two layers of plastic film are often not easy to separate, the bag mouth is difficult to open, and white carbon black is a very useful opening agent. Because it is difficult to mix gas phase nano white carbon black directly with plastic in the process of use, our company has developed a high content of gas phase nano white carbon black masterbatch, which is suitable for the direct addition production of various plastic substrates.

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